Trade Case Study

Case Study

Aikman Spinney was an executive development consisting of 5 homes with 21 separate high end bathrooms, shower rooms and cloakrooms. Each room was designed and specified pre build with architects drawings.

The 1st phase was in close collaboration with directors, surveyors and site managers to make sure budgets were maintained and building regs/planning directives would be met.

All properties were sold off plan, so the second phase involved meeting with respective home owners in order to drill down further into designs and products and to tweak where necessary.

The 3rd and final phase was supply. With numerous rooms, specs and products this happened in a phased approach, in constant communication with the site manager. All products were pre-checked in our showroom to manage quality before being promptly delivered when necessary.

The development has been a complete success all homes were sold off plan and signed off on time.

As a local property developer I try to use local suppliers, however this has to tempered with the proviso that:-

• Providing they have / display a suitable range of products
• Providing they can display competent product knowledge
• Providing they can source product within an acceptable timeframe
• Providing they are price competitive – not just the cheapest

In my experiences with JD I was more than pleased with their performance in all of the key areas specified above and as such I would happily use them again in the future.

Henry Willis, Property Developer